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book 4 lesson 19


An individual entered his supervisor's room and asked what he needed to do to get a promotion in the company. His supervisor said that there was going to be a meeting in the company. Then he asked this individual to go to the store and see if they had pineapples for the meeting. The individual left the room and after sometime he returned and said they didn't have any pineapples.

Then his supervisor asked what fruit they had. he answered:

"I am sorry sir, but i didn't ask that"

In the meantime another employee entered the room.
The supervisor asked him the same thing.
After a little while he returned with the answer:
"They have no pineapples in the store, but there are aranges, apples, bananas, pears and watermelons. I checked the price for each fruit. I asked a discount for a large volume. Here is the phone number of the store. We can order the fruit over the phone and they will deliver them here in the company for us."
Who do you think got the promotion?

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